The key to any beautiful interior space can be described simply by one word… CLEVER. Being clever about how things are arranged and presented is key to making your home feel comfortable, organized and stand out as unique, inviting and inspiring. Why are homeowners so attracted to ideas found in design related magazines, or to the photos posted on the popular architecture/ interior design website Houzz? Why are these photos and ideas often used as inspiration when starting a design project or building a house?Well,,,,,because they all have something in common… they were photographed for publication because they are all CLEVER. They are well organized spaces containing unique design features that inspire homeowners to use the published ideas as reference when making their design dreams come alive.

We all know that the vast and ever-changing world of interior design covers a wide variety of styles and opinions and personal tastes. Some opinions are founded on professional experience and some on pure emotion. Some people like color, while some are afraid of the commitment. Some prefer clean lines and others like more intricate styling…..whatever the style preference, a successful interior space can be achieved…. just remember that design success can be universally judged on the clever aspects of the interior that make it beautiful, functional and unique. Do you endeavor to be clever? Here are 3 simple decorating tips that will instantly elevate your interior.

1. Cut the Clutter!!
Delete the unnecessary. Deleting any clutter allows the meaningful items in your home that are most important to you to shine…. Too much stuff is distracting and visually overwhelming, and in some cases even depressing. Look around, if you have extra clutter, purge! It will bring instant life to your home and to the way you feel about living in your home. It will become more livable to you and more inviting to others. Clutter is absolutely not clever!

2. Fling the Filler!!
In the same family as clutter comes the next enemy of good design… “filler”..
Filler can be described as unnecessary objects being used to thoughtlessly fill space…(dust -collecting, plastic plants and silk flowers are not your friend!) Don’t be afraid of empty space. Remember, having nothing in a space is much more clever than “filler”. So give that filler a good ole’ fling!

3. Try a Tray!!
Organization is another necessary step on your endeavor for clever. For instance, instead of having lots of items on your kitchen counter, try grouping those essentials on a tray. An organized collection of things that are grouped and grounded on a tray is much more attractive than many things scattered. Trays can also be used to showcase a collection of like items. Be clever today! Hey! Buy a tray!!

I always use these tricks when I am designing spaces in Maryville and Knoxville. I hope you will try them out in your home.