Maryville Pride

I am SO proud to say that I have lived in Maryville all of my life...I am a true "Murvillian". I have deep roots planted here which make this town very much a part of who I am. At the expense of confessing my age, I have some fond memories of shopping in downtown Maryville [...]

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4th Anniversary of ROOST

Today marks the 4th anniversary of ROOST!! I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL so much for your support! Owning a small business has been rewarding and sometimes overwhelming... some days I wonder what in the world I was thinking... but absolutely every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to do [...]

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Don’t Neglect Your Outdoor Spaces

Why are outdoor spaces often neglected when they can be so fun and functional? This space was a tired, empty patio area, and now it has been transformed into an extension of this couples entertaining space. The slipcovered sunbrella sofa and four gliders are incredibly comfortable. The huge leaning umbrella casts shade for use even [...]

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Professional Art Installation

Roost employees professional hangers/ installers!!  Hanging art is sometimes as difficult as procuring it! Here are my wonderful installers giving myself and my client a good idea of how these pieces are going to look on that empty wall in her stairwell.  They then marked the height of the art on the wall, we walked [...]

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Making the Change

So many of my clients are in the same boat... they are undertaking the overwhelming task of trying to convert their more traditional interiors to much more causal environments. Our hustle-bustle lifestyles have changed the way we live and what we want to be surrounded by when we are home. Formal entertaining and formal furniture [...]

The Endeavor to Be Clever

The key to any beautiful interior space can be described simply by one word... CLEVER. Being clever about how things are arranged and presented is key to making your home feel comfortable, organized and stand out as unique, inviting and inspiring. Why are homeowners so attracted to ideas found in design related magazines, or to [...]

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