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ROOST:  a verb meaning,” to become comfortably established in ones residence or lifestyle”…..The word just seemed to fit. ROOST represents a clever mix.  It is a home furnishings store with a causal flair brought to life by a distinct designer vibe.   The name serves a dual purpose, not only does it describe the  design sensibility of the product offered, but it also defines my need to work in the town that has raised me.   The tag line of the store is, “Come HOME to ROOST,”…which is exactly what I am doing, coming home.

We have spent lots of time “cherry-picking” furniture, lamp, rug, art and accessory lines to develop a store that offers both a price point and a level of quality and uniqueness that we are proud of.  We are honored to represent many fine local and regional craft artists.  Handmade craft is a passion of ours!!  It is so exciting for us to to have the opportunity to put into action some creative ideas that have stored for so long, and see them come to fruition.  We are  thrilled to bring this lifestyle store to Maryville, TN.  We hope everyone will come in, try a seat, share a story and help us shout,  “Come HOME to ROOST!”  



Wouldn't you like to come home to roost!
If you have been looking for unique, designer items for your home, but find yourself frustrated by the process… Come and see the selection of clever finds that we have at Roost.  Roost is not your typical home furnishings store.  It is a casual lifestyle store that is elevated by our vast selection of atypical product.  We painstakingly select inventory from hundred of brands to bring our customers comfortable living spaces with a very apparent designer vibe.  We strive for a beautiful mix of furniture,accessories, lamps,rugs and art that are timeless, interesting and beautiful.  Let our friendly staff and talented designers help “dress your nest”.  Roost, where quality and style are never overshadowed by price.
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